5 ideas of how to add more healthy movement into your spine every day

  •  Postural/movement breaks: Your spine is made up of over 24 joints. These joints are there to move and they need to keep moving to stay healthy. A great spinal habit is to develop a “healthy tick” of moving and stretching your spinal structure while sitting or performing a work task that otherwise requires a repetitive or monotone work.
  • Add a core stability program to your exercise routine: A strong stable core musculature is important to protect the health of a well-functioning spine.
  • Daily lunch walks: Believe it or not but one of the best exercises for spinal health is walking. Humans used to be nomads that walked for hours every day. Walking for 30 min over lunch can help to pump away joint inflammation and lubricate your spinal joints with a flow of healthy nutrients.
  • Daily spinal hygiene/stretch routine: Another great habit for spinal mobility is to stretch all your spinal joints at least once per day through their full range of movement. Just as you brush your teeth daily it is a great idea to floss out emerging spinal tightness daily. If not addressed this tightening-up will compound over time and start a degenerative process in your spine.
  • Stretch hips and shoulders in-front of the TV: To be able to move and lift in a way that is safe for your spine it is essential to have full mobility around your hips and shoulders. If you are tight around your hips and shoulders, chances are that you will compensate by putting your back into compromised positions and risk injury. Sitting down on the floor for 10 min of stretching (hamstring, hip flexors, gluts and pecks) on the floor rather than sinking into the couch is a great habit for long-term spinal health.

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