How calf care relates to your posture

Today it is very common with a forward hunched posture from people sitting hunched behind a computer all day. Therefore lots of people end up overloading their calves as their centre of gravity constantly is shifted forward in everyday movements. This self-myofascial release exercise is a good way to help those tight calves to switch off and relax again.

Anatomy and Function
The Gastrocnemius originates from just behind both sides of the knee and inserts into the Achilles tendon. The Gastrocnemius is responsible for plantar-flexion of the foot and flexion of the knee.
The soleus originates from just below the knee and inserts onto the Achilles tendon. The soleus is responsible for plantar-flexion of the foot.

Reasons to Treat
Scar tissue and/or excessive tension in the Gastrocnemius or Soleus can cause local pain, pain further down in the Achilles Tendon or Plantar Fascia, or further up around the knee.

Place one foot up on a low bench or chair.
Place the Stick along the back of your lower leg with your Palms facing forward.

From the starting position, roll the stick up and down the lower leg.
To work more on the individual heads of the Gastrocnemius, focus the pressure on the medial and lateral (inner and outer) portions of the calf just below the knee. Roll for 30–60 seconds, and then switch legs.

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