SMR tool kit

If you are thinking of equipping yourself with some self-massage/Myofascial Release tools (SMR) then her is a quick guide for you:


A foam roller is the largest implement we would use from a pressure perspective. The foam roller is very versatile, as you can work almost every muscle group using a foam roller.

Foam rollers are ideal for the big muscle/fascial areas like the Gluteals, Quadriceps, and IT band.


The medicine ball may actually be a more versatile tool for SMR purposes. Not only is it more focal when compared to the, but it also allows you to work in a more three-dimensional fashion.

Once the foam roller becomes comfortable, I often progress my clients to a medicine ball. The medicine ball can be progressed as well; simply moving to a smaller ball which will increase the pressure and intensity of the exercise.


A tennis ball is generally the smallest implement we would use for SMR purposes. It’s very convenient for muscle/fascial groups with smaller surface areas (such as the Plantar Fascia) as well as upper body muscles where the ball must be placed against a wall (such as the Pecs and posterior shoulder capsule). Once the tennis ball becomes comfortable, move on to a lacrosse ball for added firmness.


The sticks narrow diameter allows you to work on some tendons like the Quadriceps, Hamstrings better than a medicine ball or foam roller would.

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