10 causes of neck dysfunction/degeneration:

Neck dysfunction, degeneration and increased susceptibility of neck injuries are often the results of the accumulative effects from our bad habits. Primarily they revolve around keeping a poor posture for a prolonged period of time. The problem can be compounded by increased muscle tension in the neck. Please have a look at the following video to see some examples of common bad habits and how to avoid them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fKFQVAbvnQ

Below is a short summery of the material covered in my YouTube video:

  1. Excessive sitting with a forward head carriage? – Take a break to walk or stretch once every 20 min!          
  2. Poor setup when using laptop and handheld devises? – Put the screen up to eye level!                                                       
  3. Too low office chair? – Raise the chair until your elbows are at 90 degrees!
  4. Improper phone use? – Use hands-free earpiece?
  5. Sleeping on the stomach – Choose other sleeping posture preferably on the back
  6. Wrong pillow? – Check your pillow for right size and amount of support for your sleeping posture!
  7. Sleeping in a sitting position? – Use neck support if you think you may fall asleep while sitting!
  8. Cold air/air condition blowing on the neck? – Use a scarf to keep the neck warm!
  9. Sitting looking sideways for long periods of time? – Turn in your seat or turn your actual seat!
  10. Chronic stress?  – Breath out, sit tall and let the shoulders roll back and down!

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