Sleep your way to a healthier spine

To give yourself the best opportunity to heal from a spinal problem it is essential to give your spine and nervous system quality time to rest and heal. The most obvious recovery time for your spine is your sleep time. However, it can be hard to control how restful and rejuvenating your sleep is. It can be especially hard to get deep relaxing sleep if you are in pain (e.g. from your spine). So, below I have listed some great resources that could stack the odds in your favour to get the most healing out of your time spent sleeping:

  • Screen brightness programs
    • Computer program: “save your eyes and improve your sleep quality by making the brightness of your display adapt to the time of the day” F-lux:
    • Phone apps: Nighttime; I-phone, I-pad App:
  • Reduce unwanted screen time
    • App: Onward “combat social media overuse and combat internet addiction”
  • Sleep Music/meditation
    • App: Sleep cycle hypnosis “relaxing background music and nature sounds”
    • App: Nature sound relax and sleep “natural sounds crushing waves etc. on a timer”
    • APP: Sleep genius “sounds to subconsciously guide you through a full sleep cycle”

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