Healthy Habits for spinal health

 If you want to be healthy and thrive, then you need a well-functioning nervous system. For your nervous system to function at its best it is essential to have an optimally functioning spine.


Chiropractic adjustments performed in an appropriate rhythm for your level of spinal health can do wonders in improving your spinal function. However, to enable you to “hold” your chiropractic adjustments for longer and to get better results faster you need to address the thing that is causing your spine to dysfunction in the first place.


I believe that many of our spinal issues are contributed to by the cumulative effects of our modern lifestyle stressors. Things like repetitive/poor-postures and work activities, eating nutrient-poor, pro-inflammatory food and being stuck in a chronic stress posture. I’m specifically talking about sitting slumped behind your computer or phone for hours a day, processed food or those chronically stressed tight shoulders. Essentially our bodies are not designed to live the way we are in today’s modern society.


Addressing the short fallings of our modern lifestyle can be confusing and overwhelming. So, my aim here is to make it as easy and effective as possible to stack the odds in your favour. I suggest that you:



  • change one thing in your environment that you only need to do once but it will keep paying dividends in terms of your spinal health. For example, you could improve the height of your computer screen or get a better pillow.
  • Secondarily I suggest that you add one small daily healthy habit that you easily could do to keep your spinal health-improving between visits. This could be something like a 5 min stretch routine or go for a daily walk.



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