1)    3 short cuts to make healthy habits easy
We are programmed to preserve energy, so you could say that we are lazy by nature. However, you could use this to your advantage when it comes to creating healthy habits. E.g.:

 Improve access: Vegetables on the top fridge shelf makes them a 40% more likely snack option.
Make unhealthy things harder to access: Make sure to keep sweets longer than an arms length away at social gatherings (so that you physiclaly have to stand up or ask some one to pass it to you, this will drastically decrease your consumption).

2)    It is easy to remember to do what you enjoy!
It is always easier to find motivation to do something that is fun and rewarding… so look for enjoyable healthy habits to add to your day. It is the positive reward chemicals in your brain that enables you to ingrain your new habit into a recurring subconscious behaviour.

3)    3 things to keep consistent to building a successful habit fast 
Essentially a habit is a set of actions done unconsciously in the same way over and over again. Hence when you are building a new habit it is important to be consistent.  Ideally your habit should be done;

at the same time,
– in the same place,
– in the same way each time.

Once you stick to a repetitive schedule it is amazing how fast it becomes second nature to you.

4)    How to start a new healthy habit without forgetting it 2 days later
Many people fail to establish new healthy habits simply because they forget to do the new activity. Therefore, it’s important to have some sort of trigger to stop you in your tracks and remind you of when to do this new habit. “after this… then that…” Linking a new routine to a recurring event in your schedule (like after my chiro appointment I…) or an existing habit (after I brush my teeth I…) can be a handy way to wire up your brain to remember.

5)    Get yourself an accountability partner
Having an accountability partner is a great way to increase the likelihood of sticking to your healthy routine. A personal trainer or chiropractor can be an excellent accountability partner, since they have an interest in your health and typically see you pro-actively on a regular basis.

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