How to manage an acute disk in the lower back

One of the most severe and common issues when it coming to lower back pain is disc bulge issues. These can be tricky to deal with and important to manage properly to reduce the risk of nerve damage which can in some cases cause permeant damage and dysfunction. Here are some pullet points on how you may want to approach the initial most acute stage:

what to do

  • Walk regularly (10-15 min walking on a flat, stable surface is ideal).
  • “Cold-pack” the tender area regularly (20 min on, 20 min off).
  • Seek professional advice (especially if you have worsening neurological symptoms).
  • It may help to apply gentle traction of the lower back, e.g. hang from a 

chin-up bar or hang from a floating devise (e.g. kick board/s) in water. 

  • Anti-inflammatory medication may be beneficial esp. before bed.
  • Anti-inflammatory diet e.g. O-mega 3, antioxidants rich green leafy veg 

what to avoid

  • Avoid heavy lifting, forward bending and rotation of the lower back, 

especially first thing in the morning (be careful loading the back for at least 2 weeks).

  • Avoid extended bed rest, to limit excessive swelling of the disc. 
  • Avoid taking painkillers before going to work/exercise (listen to the body, the pain is there for a reason, it is trying to prevent you from doing things that will make the injury worse). 
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